Why Use a face Primer?

Federico Mahora Beauty Primer

Fm Face Primer

I have always wondered why some faces i see look so smooth and beautiful all day long.Even when these women are above the age of 60 years. They just look fabulous, and I keep thinking what am i doing wrong.You want to know the secret?Its a face primer! A cosmetic primer is a cream or lotion applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face.So to make your face glow all day you need to use a face primer before applying your foundation and powder and walla your face stays smooth and fresh all day long.There are a lot of beautiful brands of cosmetic primer out there.But i recommend you try the Federico Mahora face primer because;

  • Obviously it prepares your skin for makeup application.
  • But it Contains pearl pigment that add glow to your complexion,conceal imperfections and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E content acts as antioxidant.
  • And its Suitable for every skin type so you don’t have to go checking your  skin color or texture of the face before you try it.Its simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will love it



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