Consistency In Blogging


I have always wanted to blog since the early days of blogging but I didn’t quite understand what blogging was all about even when I tried to do some research. It’s been on and off my mind since then and finally in the year 2012 I decided to look into the blogging thing once more and I did understand the concept of blogging. At the time my second son was about a year old and I wanted to do something apart from taking care of my children. So I decided to do a small business of selling makeup and perfumes. It’s not been easy selling from home, though it’s been a good experience trying to make some money too from home. And it struck me one day to start a blog on beauty. I decided to start and I did start in September 2013 this very year. My God blogging is not as easy as I thought because you have to BE CONSISTENT in terms of how regular your blogs are published and your content needs to be rich too I have done a couple of post and I have also deleted them that same minute because I was not sure it was good enough I love to blog but I find it difficult to be consistent and most successful blogs I have seen are consistent, always giving something fresh each day or each week or each month but the wider audience wants to see something new every day. So I have decided to take it the way I can for now and not just worry too much so instead of blogging every day I would  blog once a week for now until I can make it every day. You too can do the same if you find it difficult to be CONSISTENT with your blog just do it the way you can for now until you straighten things up. Let’s see what happens next on this exciting and amazing journey.


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