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Fm Luxurious Gold Regenesis For Timeless Glamour


Mature skin over the age of 40 begins to require more care and attention, at this stage its structure weakens and reduces production of lipids resulting in water loss.The skin becomes thinner in most cases and more sensitive to external factors.Degeneration of collagen fibers responsible for firmness and elasticity of the skin causes the skin to wrinkle.The Ageing of the skin is not only because of changes associated with age but also lifestyles, eating, and skin care.To bring about suitable care of mature skin Fm group has created a Gold Regenesis series made up of pure Colloidal Gold, it includes the anti-ageing day cream,the anti-ageing night cream and the anti-ageing eye cream, for those over the age of 40.

Effective use of these collection provides the desired results.Go get yours today and be fabulous all the way.

gold regenesis



Remember Fashion is Ageless and Beauty is always in Fashion.


Knowing Your Skin Type

Fm Body Lotion
Fm Body Lotion

Sometime ago I went to do a facial treatment.At the end of it my face was smooth and at the same time shiny, I was happy thinking my facial skin has come alive.But guess what after using the facial wash and cleanser by the next day it was horrible.Our skin is delicate and we love our skin to look good and beautiful.To develop a skin care regime that works for you is to analyze your skin type first.
So we will do a skin care quiz to know our skin type.

1.How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with facial wash and water?

A.Tight as though it’s too small for your face.
B.Smooth and comfortable.
C.Dry and itchy.
D.Fine and comfortable.
E.Dry in some areas and Smooth in some areas.

2.How does your skin feel if you cleanse it with a cream cleanser?

A.Relatively comfortable.
B.Smooth and Comfortable.
C.Sometimes comfortable sometimes itchy
D.Quite oily
E.Oily in some areas smooth in others.

3.How does your skin look by the middle of the day?
A.Flaky patches appearing
B.Fresh and clean.
C.Flaky patches and some redness.
E.Shiny in the T-zone

4. How often do you break out in spots?
A.Hardly Ever.
B.Sometimes, before or during your period.
E.Often -in the T-zone

5.How does your skin react when you use facial toner?
A.It Stings.
B.No Problems.
C. Stings and Itches.
D.Feels Fresher.
E.Feels fresher in some areas but stings in others.

6.How does your skin react when you have applied a rich night cream?
A.It feels very comfortable.
C.Sometimes feels comfortable and other times feel irritated.
D.makes your skin feel very oily.
E.Oily in the T-zone,comfortable at the cheeks

Now add up your A’s B’s C’s D’s and E’s.Your skin type is the one with the most answers

Mostly A’s: your skin is DRY.
Mostly B’s:Your skin is  NORMAL.
Mostly C’s: Your skin is SENSITIVE.
Mostly D’s: Your skin is OILY.
Mostly E’s: Your skin is COMBINATION.

So now you know your skin type go for the right  skin care products and see the results.Try the Federico Mahora skin care products its simply amazing.