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The End

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Hey people  the zero to hero blogging has just ended. And I did not follow the day-to-day assignment  I mean I did the assignment up till day 3 and for some reasons I could not just follow the daily assignment.I really had great hope that I would do the assignment each day as it comes till the last day but here I am, I stopped at day 3. But you know what? Am just going to carry on and continue with the assignments till I get to the last day on my own because EVERY PATH HAS ITS PUDDLES AND AM WILLING TO CROSS THIS ONE. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

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Picture Credit ;addictedtosuccess.com/quotes




Hi, my name is Priscilla.A mother of two adorable kids and a wonderful husband. I love beauty and glamour  I believe every individual is beautiful But it takes a simple basic routine that forms a good habit for a life time of grooming.I have always wanted to blog since the early days of blogging but I didn’t quite understand what blogging was all about even when I tried to do some research. It’s been on and off my mind since then and finally in the year 2012 I decided to look into the blogging thing once more and I did understand the concept of blogging.So here i am, started my blog Glam Beauty Rocks with wordpress.com in September 2013.

Glam Beauty Rocks is going to be showcasing beauty products,beauty and makeup tips that will help you form a good habit for a lifetime grooming.Its beauty for all ages.I believe in timeless glamour you can be beautiful throughout your lifetime.It doesn’t matter the age.

Welcome to the world of Glamour and Beauty. 2014 is going to be a wonderful year for GLAM BEAUTY ROCKS.See you around.